About MT

Masochistic Tendencies was born on December 4, 2009. The foundation of MT is built on friendships and the basic premise that RL > WoW. MT is more than just a guild. We’re one big happy dysfunctional family.

MT is a casual raiding guild, but it’s important that because this is a game, that we have fun doing it! WoW is not a 2nd job. We came up with the name due to the fact that, yes the game is fun, and yes it’s ok to run face first into new content and kill ourselves just so we can learn the fights and say we’ve been there.

(Masochistic Tendencies isn’t just a name folks, it’s a way of life)

We are a very active social bunch of team-oriented goofballs who welcome adult players of all flavors and lifestyles. Our guild chat is uncensored and usually not appropriate for little ears or the easily offended. If you are 18+ , like cheesecake and forest fires, MT is the place for you! We are an equal opportunity guild.*

*MT does not discriminate against players based on race, species, creed, the ability (or lack thereof) to fart the alphabet, sexual orientation, favorite positions, how many nipples you have (although disclosing such information may be in your favor) or the color of your tusks, horns or tails. MT does discriminate against immaturity, drama queens, gnomes and loot whores.

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